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Welcome to Ted’s Marijuana! We are bringing a community, blog, wiki, surveys and so much more to the cannabis world. We bring people that are curious and anyone in between to the experts together. The mission is simple, to bring information and people together. Sure, there are plenty of other communities to join, but this one is unique. What! How? I am not quite sure, but there is a ton to offer and there is a movement coming.

The world is on the brink to legalize marijuana and more because it is ruining their population with prison sentences, targeting the people who can’t defend themselves, and dying budgets. The War on Drugs is exhausting and our dear leaders thought they knew best. They lied and hurt all of us.

I know we can rehash who’s fault, why it was done, but really it’s time for us to start running for office, writing about the negative consequences. It’s time to band together to remove the stigma and show that prohibition is not the answer.