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Ted's MarijuanaWe accomplished our 2,000 member mark yesterday and I celebrated with some high fives. It’s exciting to see something your passionate grow. I have been churning social media, building content, and asking people to join and an overwhelming people say yes. It’s funny to get some of the replies that ask if I am trying to trick them for their email addresses so I can spam them. I can assure everyone that I am not going to spam. I actually feel guilty for sending a newsletter out like I just did a few minutes ago. It’s for good cause though.

The last one I did, I had 2 people mark then as spam. I was like “You literally said yes to joining!” but instead I just banned their accounts. I can’t loose sleep over it. Some people join just to say yes or support which is really cool. I am more about substance and not numbers though. Not to say numbers are not cool…they are.

I am wanting to build a wiki and a database tracking marijuana around the globe. These will come along soon enough. I have to debate whether or not I am going to use WordPress in conjunction with the forum. I really don’t want to but this is the tech side of what I do.

I want to make a bunch or cool things but I know we need balance because too much is too much sometimes. Just let me know when we get there. I am really excited about the growth.

I want to end this with any visitor reading that if you give a fake email address to us during registration the forum automatically blocks your account until a legit email address gets entered. It’s cool people want to support, but it does nothing when we can’t communicate. Anyways, I hope everyone has an awesome day. I will be out for much of it but I will check email and whatnot later.

Author: Ted

I am Ted and my goal is to reach people and inspire them to help legalize marijuana but to also find ways to erase the stigma. I am looking for members that want to be a part of what we are doing so please raise your hand and join us in the community.

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