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Ted's MarijuanaI want to open this up saying that I hate giving my email out to people. There is one thing I am grateful for though. When I was a teenager I always had to go get the mail out of the box. Snail mail SPAM was a huge thing back then. We had to manually dispose of it and much hopefully has returned to the earth in landfills by now, but takes resources. Resources to send, deliver, receive, and throw away. Email SPAM is a delete button. How lucky are we? Well that depends on whether or not you lived through physical SPAM or not.

Here’s the deal though, as much as you hate giving me your email, I hate taking your email. I don’t want it, but what can I do? I suppose I could start over and build Reddit but that’s not where I am. I don’t want your personal information. I want just enough so you can be you (or not), and enough to where I have some level of security.

I don’t even love sending newsletters, but I have to. It’s the only way for me to get members to come back and remember they signed up. So you can see I have a crossroads. I don’t market it to you, sell your information, or anything else. Your email is for you to login, reset a password, and to receive 1-2 newsletters from me a month. You can delete both if you choose to.

This week I removed 115 bounced emails to inactive. That wasted those folks that responded on Twitter, Nikki’s efforts to set up the accounts, and my time for inactivating them. If you are one of those 115 and want to give me a real email address I will be happy to fix it for you. That’s the bounced ones.

Then there is the unsubscribes, but these I honestly have little feeling about. You have every right to opt out of the newsletter. It’s an option during registration and your preferences for a reason. You don’t like emails from me then cool. I just hate when it’s marked as SPAM or unsubscribed through the email. Amazon uses it as a trust measure and each time it happens it hurts my standing. That is the only issue I have with the 37 of you that took that road. So I have 37 marks against my account.

The SPAM marks are the ones that are like a gun to the head of an Amazon account. The 5 people who mark it as and said to Amazon that I am a Spammer are jerks. I perma-banned them. They may never use my community again for the level of disrespect.

I know, “Damn Ted, you’re getting all emotional about emails and shit”. Ya, I am. I don’t want to be though. I would rather you be anonymous and remember to come back once in a while to say hi. Nikki asked yesterday about getting enough new members yesterday for the site. I told her that I honestly don’t have a hard number for her to sign up. I only want people who want to be a part of this. Numbers don’t mean shit if they never show up. I could just script a addon that makes tens of thousands of accounts and brag about the numbers.

100 members that sign up and never contribute mean nothing. I would rather have 5 that contribute and back a few times a month. I want you to know that if you think I have something to sell you, want to sell your information, or have an agenda…I don’t. I mapped out my intent in this ramble to help you understand my goal.

Pivot to Another Ramble

No ads, no sponsors, no affiliates was my last ramble. How will I make money? Bitcoin donations, selling merch, maybe running a 24-hour telethon or something creative. I have thought about user upgrades or business upgrades like offering a signature link or something in return for money. My costs are low for now. Here is what I pay for:

  • Server: $70/month
  • Nikki: Salary not disclosed, but well compensated for her time, and volunteers a lot!
  • Designer: $10-$200/month depending on workload
  • Licenses for Software: Avg $50/month

That’s it. Only Nikki and I run all of the social media pages. She gives probably 60-100 hours a week I am willing to bet. She is amazing and deserves a boatload of credit. I pay the expenses myself for now. I don’t know if this site will go under my currently LLC or if I will setup a separate one for it.

You need this full context to know what my angle is. I don’t need much to cover my expenses. Maybe a few dollars to take the Mrs out for a nice dinner to make up for the hours I put in, but that’s about it.

So when you ask why I need your email, this is why. I don’t want it, but it’s how the software works. I have the check box for you to post anonymously if need be. Anonymous posting works fine on 4chan. I am not like the other cannabis websites. That’s the ramble. If you read to this point thank you for your time. It’s valued.

Author: Ted

I am Ted and my goal is to reach people and inspire them to help legalize marijuana but to also find ways to erase the stigma. I am looking for members that want to be a part of what we are doing so please raise your hand and join us in the community.

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