Happy New Years To All

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I want to wish everyone a very happy New Year’s around the world. This signifies a new start for many as we all figure out what we want to accomplish in this upcoming 12 months. I am no different. I have some goals that I want to accomplish with the community. So let me list some of the things that I really want:

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From the comments
  • Reach 10K members by May 1st. I will have to double or even triple my efforts to accomplish this but it’s still a reachable milestone.
  • I would like to spread education around the globe and target countries that still view marijuana as a drug with harsh legal penalties.
  • Improve the forum and add more features that are useful and turn this from a forum into it’s own ecosystem. I don’t know how I will go about this, but I know I want to elevate the presence of TMF.
  • Add moderators and other folks that I can trust to groom the forum and make sure we are progressing forward.
  • Building the directory. I want to add at least 500 directory submissions before March 1st. I want to make the directory something truly amazing and something businesses, movements, and social groups need to have.Ted's Marijuana

Overall, it’s really just setting numbers to hit and continuing what we are already doing. This is something special to me and I hope that passion can grow us into the premiere cannabis website that I want us to be. More people need to know about TMF!

Other stuff will come and go such as tools and features no one uses. I will spend my days refining the mechanics of the website code. Ensuring more availability and faster loads. This isn’t going to be as long as my other rambles. I just want to wish everyone the very best. Stay high my friends and spread the love.

Author: Ted

I am Ted and my goal is to reach people and inspire them to help legalize marijuana but to also find ways to erase the stigma. I am looking for members that want to be a part of what we are doing so please raise your hand and join us in the community.

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