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Ted's Marijuana

Ted's MarijuanaAs of this ramble we are at 3, 274 members. Last week I sent out a newsletter when we hit 3K. That’s a healthy amount of progress. I changed the registration page to have better notes such as registering with a real email address. I had searched to see how many people haven’t confirmed their email address and it was 18. I resent the emails in hopes that I could reduce that number. People give fake emails for good reason. However, I need them to send newsletters and create an account. I thought about going the Reddit route and allow just a username and password, but we aren’t like Reddit. I wish we were…I love that site.

I also fixed a bit of the styling, setup out Google Plus page and YouTube channel. I plan on starting with how-to use the site videos. That might help some people that get overwhelmed with the site. I know it seems like a lot, but I promise it’s not.

I played around with business account functions as well, but that one will take additional time to apply. I have so many goals yet it’s only me developing this place with available tools from the net. Nikki holds down the fort on Twitter, but I still have to answer many of the questions or deeper conversations. I also added more questions to the FAQ section.

I had a reply from the newsletter from someone that recommended that I put more information into them. I may create a second newsletter for that purpose. The newsletter is two-fold. I want to send information that you might like to hear, but also to remind you to come back and participate. It works for the most part. I usually get a 10-30% open rate. It all depends on the title. I have only sent our 4 newsletters since the beginning of the year and only 5 people have marked it as spam. It hurt a little bit, but I banned their accounts to make sure I didn’t bother them every again. Please either unsubscribe in your user accounts if you don’t want them, or if you changed your mind, click subscribe. I might have to manually adjust that though. Each one is a mark against my account on Amazon though so that kind of pisses me off but what can you do?

Moving on, I really want to add some good stuff. I have some pages I am currently dressing up with HTML and they will be uploaded and public this weekend. I need to fix the navigation so it’s easier to use as well. For the directory I am waiting for Google Maps integration and then I will help businesses add their stores.

I still haven’t done the St. Patricks day theme. It’s just been so busy. I got the next set of images uploaded in the albums I created and on the Facebook and Pinterest pages. All of this stuff gets done as I find the time so please bare with me. I am always open to suggestions and improvements, but sometimes I have to be reminded so if I didn’t answer or implement something please ask my why.

Team TMF is 4 people now. I had to focus on the folks that are present and doing things. I just want to give them a shoutout and say that this is getting better and most of it is because of their contributions. If you want to join the Team let me know. Please don’t join if you don’t have time though.

Okay last thing is that I hope things are getting better. I always look for feedback so I can make things better. In most cases I am shooting from the hip, but I have gotten some member feedback that really helps. I hope to add the first moderator in May or June. That will give me time to see who is on that path. Thank you for being here. I know there are much bigger forums to be in so I understand that I need to be humble and continue so to build a truly beautiful community. Punch me if I am not doing the right things too. I need that sometimes.

Until the next ramble, stay high 🙂

Author: Ted

I am Ted and my goal is to reach people and inspire them to help legalize marijuana but to also find ways to erase the stigma. I am looking for members that want to be a part of what we are doing so please raise your hand and join us in the community.

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