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Ted's MarijuanaI have no intention to replay the Steve Harvey mistake that was YouTubed around the world with every screen flashing his mistake and he “had done fucked up” the most important part of the pageant. I took a bit of liberty at the end there. It’s my ramble so let me have my moments. Now, Miss Philippines had done a great job at playing the part of the runner up and I think Miss Columbia later on was miserable over the ordeal behind the scenes.

I have the pleasure to watch this 5 minute replay on an ongoing basis since my wife originates from the Philippines. They are a very proud people. The most prideful people I have ever meet are from the Philippines as well as South America as a whole. It’s another thought in my head that these 2 particular ones made it to the finale. Their countries were glued to the screen and are probably the most vocal on social media. This is a great way to profile people for ratings and sponsorship dollars on the next one.

My marketing senses turned on within about 9 seconds after seeing it go down in a reply on my wife’s phone. I stopped the mental train, everyone got off and I recounted what just happened. I asked my wife if I just witnessed the biggest marketing campaign in decades? She looked at me as if I was a madman and spouted some sort of gibberish.

The problem starts with my wife telling me that Miss Philippines is in the finals. I responded that’s cool, but in my head I was thinking who gives a shit. Then the second thought was Miss Universe? That’s a bit bold since we know there is other life forms out there. We just haven’t found them yet.

Steve knew exactly what he did. I immediately connected my “who gives a shit” times about 3 billion males in the world who felt the same way and it clicked. Those fuckers did it on purpose. Who watches pageants anymore? No one because we have strip clubs, beaches, and other opportunities to watch beautiful women. Let’s not forget the internet either. It won’t be long before PornHub releases more data about site usage during the competition.

De’Bers diamond corporation has held the title for best marketing ever with diamonds are forever and that you should spend two months salary for one otherwise you don’t love her.

No one watches Miss Universe, and even Miss America sucks. Pageants are a 1960’s artifact. I personally have no understanding why anyone cares about these anymore. We don’t need these winners to travel around spreading their messages. We can do that with Facebook. They know this, everyone knows this, and no one could have cared going forward….until, Steve.

I firmly believe this was done for marketing and is very intentional. I promise I do not have a tinfoil hat on. I love the action called “marketing”. It’s just manipulation at it’s finest. I studied it in school and I use it everyday. I truly think that the owners of the brand intentionally asked Steve to be the fall guy and created this huge fiasco for the millions and millions of dollars in free advertising. So many people will watch next year to see what happens next.

Now I need to figure out how I have the biggest oops with TMF so I can garner all the buzz and build the community faster. I partially am joking but the reality it that it’s actually true. I can keep asking people to sign up or find a way to make a big deal out of it. It could be positive or negative, but I obviously prefer it to be positive.

Working the media is very difficult. If you create that right tweet at the right time, or develop a scandal that people love to talk about, you could have a lot of attention. How can I use this to have TMF catapulted into the mainstream? That’s my thought for now.

Thanks for reading the ramble. I just write the things that go on in my head here because writing makes my mind not think about the pain I feel.

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