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Ted's MarijuanaA theme this week is a constant new message in my inbox. Companies, organizations, and marketing companies are beginning to find TMF and that’s awesome because I know that we are growing enough for people to care. Nikki has been awesome in making that happen too. She grinds away at sending messages to soon-to-be members.

We will cross 3,000 members before the end of this month as well. It’s exciting to say the least. It validates efforts. The challenge is finding the right people that can contribute as volunteers on the Team TMF. People have asked and of course I love them for wanting to give back. I want to thank all of them for their efforts. I think this month that has been my one thing I am really thankful for.

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From the comments

Over the last week I had David from a German company called Cannaseur email back and forth with me and it was exciting to see a company putting out something different than clothes or grinders. I checked out his site and they make beautiful humidors for cannabis. I wanted to highlight companies like this that are different and cater to the true “cannabis snob” in the crowd. I mean that in a positive way. I am a beer snob and I prefer premium brews.

I decided to create a directory listing for him and realized what a mess I have created. So I want to apologize to the members at large for doing a shitty job on the directory. I mean it isn’t all garbage, it just needs some love and I am using David’s company as a template for future business listings. I am going through and trying to design the content that I want to be open for each listing. The directory is actually a really important piece to all of this.

I firmly believe the directory is important to all of us. I want to bring those organizations, businesses, and other areas to the masses. I want to do it in a stylish way too. As I am working on this over the next couple week please feel free to tell me what I am doing right and what I am doing wrong. Nikki can keep churning away on Twitter while I maintain the site. This is an effort that is getting bigger by the day and it makes me smile.

So just a simple thank you and a note from me saying I am around and tinkering with the site as usual. Give some love to Team TMF when you see them. Please hold them to a higher standard too. I already told them that I am a stickler on quality content and I refuse to keep garbage content on this site. I’d like to think I run a respectful cannabis community around here!

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I am Ted and my goal is to reach people and inspire them to help legalize marijuana but to also find ways to erase the stigma. I am looking for members that want to be a part of what we are doing so please raise your hand and join us in the community.

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