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Ted's MarijuanaWell it is that time of the morning that I want to write a bit and share some thoughts with everyone. On a side note, I am considering opening up a few spots for other ramblers that have points to make in this fashion. Maybe a small user groups called the Ramblers…I kinda like that. I will consider my own suggestion after going through the matrix to see if it makes sense. That’s this matrix that I use:


So let’s start with the slumps. In the last 15 years of web work I have always noticed a drop in the summer for traffic to websites. It happens in sales such as Amazon and eBay as well. Well I am holding strong because this is my first real summer with TMF growing. People are on vacation, hanging out and enjoying the summer. Our traffic is down, but the content is still coming in and people are still joining. That is one of the upsides. We use to ask people if they would like an account made for them and usually it’s a yes with no follow up. We stopped and people are joining on their own.

So I keep track daily of traffic to see if there are things I can tweak to make things better, and often the answer is time. Throwing money at it might help a little bit, but that’s a waste. I want people to join and be a part of this community because they want to be. So we are experience some slumps right now and I am not worried. It happens everywhere during this time of the year.

The dumps is a mix bag. For the first time ever I decided to take the account that were never used and unsubscribed from the newsletter and delete them after sending them an email. In the email I noted what my intentions were and gave 48 hours for a response. The good news is I got a response, the bad news is that it was only to tell me to go fuck myself. I still appreciated the response.

So I deleted 59 accounts a few weeks ago and I am going to continue deleting unused account because they don’t do any good except make the numbers look inflated. So I am dumping unused accounts that don’t want to be contacted and don’t want to sign in and check things out.

My job is to grow the community, add great content, and to develop the best website that I can. I believe I have been doing that. Nikki has been pounding away on Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, and Soundcloud to mention a few. I have been going strong on Twitter and writing. It might be time for some SEO work though.

The last part of this is Trump. I don’t care for this man or heard a policy that I agree with, but that doesn’t mean I am hating anyone that identifies with him. You pick and vote for whoever you want and believe in and I will do the same. My social accounts are nothing but Trump, anti-BLM, or Hillary and I just scroll on by each day. I just wanted to say that at the end of the day, the President has limited power and we don’t usually see the effects of a president for several years after they leave office.

If you are for Trump then I am fine with that. If you are not for Trump then all the reshares about him is probably not going to change your mind. So I wanted to end this with saying please vote for who you think is qualified, sharing less is sometimes more, and I understand the BLM movement and it’s more than some groups are giving it credit for. I followed it all from the start so I get it. Those police officers that lost their lives will never be forgotten. Those unarmed black people that died are also not forgotten.

So many lives didn’t have to end in they we they have and it’s divided many and fueled others. I want to recap this one more time:

  • Vote for whoever you believe is the best.
  • No lives should be ended early.
  • Black Lives Matter is more than most understand.
  • Summer is slow for all websites.

Hopefully you know I wasn’t trying to make this political, racial, or anything else. We have had a few bad weeks in the US that has touched so many. I firmly believe in many of these cases marijuana could have changed outcomes and views. I just wanted to say I love you for whatever you believe and I hope you actively search for information to continue making informed decisions.

Finally, thank you to all who have helped grow this community. I am humbled everyday when I log in to see new accounts and great posts. Nikki and I can’t do this alone and we know it. So a very big thank you to everyone!

Author: Ted

I am Ted and my goal is to reach people and inspire them to help legalize marijuana but to also find ways to erase the stigma. I am looking for members that want to be a part of what we are doing so please raise your hand and join us in the community.

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