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I am celebrating a little. While we don’t have thousands of people on the forum each day, we do have those that are dedicated. It’s what drives me to sit in front of my computer for 10 hours stretches at a time and organize 5-8 sections at a time. I have finally finished the following sections this weekend.

  1. Medical & Health – 100%
  2. Growing 101 – 100%
  3. Indoor Growing – 100%
  4. Advertising & Marketing – 100%
  5. General Industry Q & A – 100%

Ted's MarijuanaI continued by adding some new things to the directory, a couple surveys and events along with little things behind the scene to help me out. This is by far the #1 challenging website I have ever built since 2001. It’s for a good cause and if I help anyone by doing this then I have made a lot of change. I plan on doing much more as well so the site can be almost complete by November.

This is not a long ramble. I want to keep it short since I am ready to give my eyes a break. I just wanted to say hello, I love all of you and stay lifted. ~ Ted

Update: I finished all of it after 6 weeks. It was worth the effort.

Author: Ted

I am Ted and my goal is to reach people and inspire them to help legalize marijuana but to also find ways to erase the stigma. I am looking for members that want to be a part of what we are doing so please raise your hand and join us in the community.

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