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Ted's MarijuanaIn October I decided to take the gloves off and build this forum! I had no idea where to start. I had run a few communities before, but social media wiped out the need for forums for the last 5 years. I think that tide is starting to change a bit, especially if you want some level of anonymity while enjoying your community. I mean, that’s the whole reason I didn’t make a marijuana group on Facebook…

So I brought Nikki on to help me figure things out. The first month sucked and I was using Twitter tools to follow/unfollow but that works only a little bit. That didn’t produce members. By then I had put a huge investment into this and didn’t want to give up. I was almost to the point of thanking Nikki for her help, but then she turned it up a notch.

Nikki just started asking people if she could sign them up and just asked for their username and password. People started saying yes and here you go. I watched as she brought more and more members here each day. She used a 90% Twitter and 10% Tumblr approach. She has built much of the membership since October.

I suppose this ramble is thanking her, but also an opportunity to reflect on how far we have come in less than 4 months. Prior to Nikki I had about 120 members and it wasn’t growing. She taught me that if you have a good product (TMF is the product here), and just asked people if they want an account then most will say yes. She took out the friction of having to signup, confirm your email, and then login. This is probably more of a marketing ramble now that I am into this paragraph.

Twitter & Tumblr have been a complete blessing for TMF and I can only hope that it will continue to grow into a wonderful community. To those that participate here, I want to say thank you to you as well. There is no way I could create all this content by myself. So far TMF has been my largest success outside of social media.

…and that’s my ramble for tonight.

Author: Ted

I am Ted and my goal is to reach people and inspire them to help legalize marijuana but to also find ways to erase the stigma. I am looking for members that want to be a part of what we are doing so please raise your hand and join us in the community.

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